Famous Slovenians

Prof. Dr. Janez Bogataj - Ethnologist

The Piran sea bass – a brand name in the gastronomy offer of Slovenia
Slovenia obtained a gastronomy strategy in the first half of 2006. Quite a few would say: well, it's only paper and will probably gather dust on the shelves! However, in this case, this does not regard a bigger or smaller automatism of "project creativity", but a document which very clearly defines the guidelines and direction of our future gastronomic recognition. It particularly sets out a number of natural conditions which the country of Slovenia possesses. The marine "cultivated field" and everything that can naturally be gathered or bred in it is included. Thus, the Fonda family's decision to begin breeding sea bass, of course, in a completely natural and professionally controlled manner, represents a welcome novelty. We will happily order a Piran sea bass at the restaurant or prepare it on our home barbecue. The returning of the so-called wild sea bass is characteristic upon visits to fish markets and has even become the butt of jokes. The Piran sea bass with its brand name thus guarantees what we require in today’s contemporary cuisine, full of enigmas, cunning and deceit. And of course I recommend a glass of excellent wine with each Piran sea bass!

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Food Industries Association

Superior quality

The globalisation of the market alongside the rapid transport of food and raw stuffs requires superior quality conditioned also by long shelf lives. The consumer desires to purchase food which is safe, tasty, quickly prepared and cheap. We can only resist the pressures to lower prices by offering a higher quality of food. Locally produced and processed food gain in importance precisely due to facilitated supervision of the procedures of production and processing, a clean environment and the observance of traditional well-established production methods. Thus, we encourage and support companies, like The Fonda Fish Farm, which are dedicated to maintaining the high quality of the biological and nourishing attributes of products, earning a place among the producers of superior quality Slovenian products.

Vlado Kreslin - Slovenian singer/songwriter

The first time that Japec brought me to that courtyard, I immediately recalled a long forgotten desire of mine to own a fish farm. It was as if I had descended into a dream from my youth or on to Cannery Row with its adventurers and dreamers. What a great consolation it is to see that there are still people of that sort around. Oh, the sea bass? They were excellent, but then everybody knows that!

Samo Kupljen - Kupljen Wine

I regularly buy Fonda fish, especially when I have guests from abroad. Since each guest visits only once or twice a year, everything has to be perfect when they're here: absolute freshness, premium quality and delivery on the dot. I make sea bass sashimi, marinated sea bass and heat treated sea bass. Every dish is perfect thanks to how firm, fresh and delicious the fish are. I look forward to the return of slightly larger fish (1.5 kg and more), since they make for a particularly impressive sight when they are raw or roasted.

Jadran Furlanič - Managing Director, Tourist Association Portorož

Recognisable flavours have long been an integral part of any tourism offer, serving as a means of increasing demand. Gastronomy is undoubtedly one of the most important tourism products of the Portorož and Piran destination. Mediterranean cuisine is based on fish; simply add wine, sea salt and vegetables for an authentic culinary experience. With its fish farm, the Fonda family has succeeded in establishing a proper fish boutique where customers can buy premium quality Piran sea bass, thus contributing towards the preservation of our culinary culture. By popularising their brand, the Fonda family has contributed significant added value to our destination.