Festival Orange Wine in Izola

While there is always something interesting going on in the Slovenian wine and culinary scene, this "orange" event was arguably something special. Firstly, because it was the first time that it took place. Secondly, because it took place at all. And finally, because the festival took place in the idyllic surroundings in the heart of Izola, in the Manziolli Palace and outside, on Manziolli Square. 

Following an invitation from the organisers, particularly Sašo Dravinc (Primorske novice journalist and one of the biggest experts on the culinary and wine scene in Slovenia, especially the coastal region) and Izola's Bruno Zaro (wine-grower and wine-maker, owner of Wine Bar Manzioli), we were more than happy to add our support the event. There can be no doubt left in anyone's mind that our products – fresh as well as smoked Piran sea bass – make for an excellent match with the fourth wine colour – orange. The many wine enthusiasts in attendance also enjoyed our fried Slovenian mussels, which impressed even the most demanding seafood experts. In the evening, we topped things off by testing the new pan for frying fresh Fonda sea bass fillets

We were thrilled to be a part of this event, the first of its kind to show orange wines – macerated natural white wines – the respect they deserve. We hope to see the festival take place again in a year or two. The many experts and enthusiasts attending from near and far confirmed beyond any doubt that the 40 participating wine-makers from Italy, Croatia and Slovenia have a large and appreciative audience.

So – see you at the next Festival Orange Wine in Izola.