On Thursday, 26 July 2012, we harvested the very first batch of Fonda sea bass bred in the deep clean waters of the Osorski otoci fish farm. Situated at the foot of Osorščica near the town of Osor, where the large Croatian islands of Cres and Lošinj almost meet, the Osorski otoci fish farm is run by a young team headed by Stjepko Gugić, an experienced manager dedicated to the sea, nature and fish farming. The Osorski otoci fish farm breeds sea bass and gilthead sea bream in compliance with principles of sustainability and the standards set out by the Fonda fish farm.

With the Fonda sea bass and Fonda gilthead sea bream (the latter will be available from the end of August) bred at the Osorski otoci fish farm, we are able to continue offering quality and uninterrupted deliveries of sea bass as well as expanding our range with gilthead sea bream. The Fonda gilthead sea bream are farmed in ideal conditions, which we were sadly unable to offer at our original location in the Piran Bay, where the temperatures are too low.

Just like the Piran sea bass bred at the Fonda fish farm in the Piran Bay, the sea bass and gilthead sea bream bred at the Osorski otoci fish farm will bear the Fonda mark of origin. Any fish tagged with the Fonda mark is traceable in compliance with the strictest EU standards.

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