The Fonda Fish Farm is a participant in the European FRI, RFID-F2F, project

The Fonda Fish Firm is being used as a pilot case in the EU research project 2010-2012, RFID – F2F (RFID – from Farm to Fork) of the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer and Information Science – Computer Architecture Laboratory, headed by Assist. Prof. Mira Trebar, PhD. This is a pilot project focused on the implementation of radio-frequency identification technology (RFID) in the food supply chain for the purpose of keeping the end user informed on the origin, ingredients and quality of food every step of the way from the producer to the consumer's table.

Similar projects are being conducted simultaneously in four EU countries: Italy and Spain – wine, Great Britain – meat and milk/cheese, Slovenia and Spain – fish. As the only marine fish farm in Slovenia breeding Piran sea bass, the Fonda Fish Farm was invited to participate in the Slovenian project by Assist. Prof. Mira Trebar, PhD, and her team. After more than a year of laboratory and field work, a modern IT solution was designed to provide the end buyer with all the necessary information from the moment of harvest at the fish farm to the point of sale in the Izola fish shop. Using RFID technology, buyers will be able to use a website or smartphone application to gain access to basic information on any fish, including the origin, processing, transport, storage, temperature and best before date.

The project results provide access to important knowledge in the field of new technologies when it comes to perishable food traceability and competitive participation in a highly demanding market on a national and international level. The implementation of RFID technology in the commercial environment offers a whole range of useful advantages such as information, accuracy, ease of monitoring, protection, integration in IT systems and, most importantly, keeping users informed.

By participating in this project, we are staying true to our slogan, "Health is a matter of quality". Considering that consumers want to eat healthy food, they will doubtless be interested in information on the origin and quality of food. From the producer to the plate.

Visit the project website and find out more about your Piran sea bass.