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Georgiana Leanca, Young Journalists Academy, Slovenia, May-June 2011

Dear Mrs Irena Fonda,

I want to thank you for the great hours we have spent in your company, it really was a very important experience and i do hope that more and more people will learn and appreciate what you are doing. I dont want to flatter nobody or to sound too ...exagerate, but i must say it was the best fish i ever ate in my life. Also the first raw fish and it was amazing.
Thank you again and keep in touch. I might come back with some questions, now i have so many things to put in order.
Thank you. I wish you a very beautiful day.

Kind regards,

Georgiana LEANCA

Andrej Rojec, 29 July 2007

Dear Ugo! A group of your friends who enjoyed a tour of your fish farm in the bay asked me to write a few words about our visit. Belatedly, but from the heart. First and foremost, we would like to thank you and yours for giving us such a warm welcome. We were all pleasantly surprised. Many of us had visited the farm years ago, before you took over, and the difference between then and now was particularly apparent to us. The biggest difference is in the cleanliness, organisation and equipment, all of which are at an exceptionally high level. You've also invested a lot in promotion, which is very apparent in everyday life: newspapers, TV, promotion materials, personal contact. It was obvious to us that you're thinking ahead. We liked that this project, a family company, is something that every single member of your family is dedicated to. We also liked the fact that they are all experts with a passion for the sea and a vision of future development. Professionalism is something that your fish farm has in spades. Here are some thoughts that occurred during our visit: it is immediately apparent that the fish farm is larger than ever before, that it's systematically organised and expertly attached in order to prevent any significant damage caused by weather conditions. The farm is also protected better than ever before. The interesting thing is that the farming pools are categorised according to the age of fish spawn introduced. Even more interesting is the fact that there are different species of fish in some of the pools. Naturally we were very interested to hear your reasons for introducing sharpsnout sea bream in addition to small quantities of gilthead sea bream into the pools. The explanation of fish nutrition as well as the price and quality of fish food was very interesting. This is where the difference between the old and new fish farm was particularly noticeable. In the old days, the food was dirty, black and smelly. Now it's clean, it doesn't look or smell disgusting and it's specially adapted to the size of each fish. This is where the main difference in the quality of fish comes from. The sea bass and particularly the sea bream farmed by the previous owners were oily and smelled awful during cleaning. Your sea bass is clean, it's not oily and it smells pleasantly like the sea. The flesh is perfectly firm, in some ways even better than that of wild sea bass. I gave this difference some thought and I believe that the reason for it is that your sea bass are fed just enough, or perhaps even slightly underfed, which keeps their predatory spirit alive and keeps them moving. The speed of movement probably has an impact on the quality of the fish. Your sea bass are in great shape too and their form is fantastic. When a casual fisherman like myself manages to catch a sea bass, he is happiest if the sea bass is not thick, short and fat (usually a female) but long, narrow and on the thin side. Those are the best. And that's exactly what your sea bass are like! We were very interested in everything you told us. We found out everything that we wanted to know: where you buy your fish spawn and food, your plans for future investments, problems with investments, what else you're planning on farming, the quantities of biomass in the existing pools, problems with selling fish, problems with employees, problems with attempts to expand the farm and so much more. Ugo! We wish you all every success in your endeavours to farm healthy and tasty fish in our sea, all the best in your work and, above all, success in running the business. To you in particular we wish good health and hope that you get to realise all of your plans with your family by your side. We are deeply grateful for the warm welcome. THANK YOU once again!

Andrej Androjna and family, 12 July 2007

Dear Fonda family! 12 years ago, filled with admiration and respect, I watched Mr. Ugo as he worked underwater on the ESW pumps at the Krško nuclear power plant (obviously I don't expect him to remember me). At the time, I would never have imagined that some day I'd be buying the world's best farmed sea bass from him :) Well, today you have convinced us. Professional delivery to our doorstep precisely at the agreed time, even though we live up in the hills, well-designed brand, packaging, etc., but above all it was the superb quality that won us over. The mussels were excellent and the sea bass to die for. We even prepared them to one of your recipes and everything was perfect! Congratulations on the idea and dedication. We hope that you'll be able to keep up with the demand for a long time to come. Yes, your sea bass is a secret that I won't recommend to just anyone but only to the best of friends... Thank you and best regards.

Nikola Šmajgert, 19 April 2007

Dear Ms. Irena, I am originally from Maribor but I work in Ljubljana. Today I decided to have fish so I stopped in the Leclerc supermarket in Rudnik on my way home because they usually have a good selection of fish there. The selection really was good, but there was a particular fish that caught my eye: the PIRAN SEA BASS, the most expensive fish in the supermarket. How can a farmed fish from Slovenia be the most expensive in the shop? So I decided to give it a try. The first surprise came in the shape of the packaging. I've never seen anything like it (except in London, in Harrods) – a very pleasant surprise! When I got home in the evening, I preheated the oven, drizzled the Piran sea bass with olive oil, placed it on a baking tray and 30 minutes later – pure enjoyment! I've never tasted fish this good before!!! With absolutely no additives, straight from the sea and sooooo delicious. Congratulations, you've created something fantastic and I wish you every success. We will definitely repeat our culinary experience soon.

Dagica Cibic, 2 March 2007

Dear Fonda family, congratulations on the great corporate design of your company. If the quality of your fish matches it, you are a true gem on the Slovenian market! I wish you every success in your future endeavours.

Marko Prohinar, 28 December 2006

Dear Irena, it was with great excitement that I browsed the website of your family company, FONDA.SI. Well done, I support your vision and hope from the bottom of my heart that the project is a success. I may work in Ljubljana but my heart is on the coast, by the sea. I've long looked for an opportunity to get in touch with you because, as a master of food science, I am also interested in your work professionally. While fish are not within my professional domain, they are one of my passions that I would love to learn more about. Today I'm writing to you because I'd like to buy some mussels (about 2 kg) and fish (about 1 kg) that I intend to prepare in salt and impress my friends. I want to give them a culinary experience with a scent of the sea on Pomjan, 365 m above sea level. Do you think it can be done? With your help I'm sure it can! I look forward to your reply or, better yet, a phone call. Best regards.