Permanent order or subscription to Piran sea bass

Our regular, loyal customers had an excellent idea that led to the introduction of PERMANENT ORDERS OR FISH SUBSCRIPTIONS.

There are two types of permanent orders available.

1. You can register in our permanent order system and submit an order for sea bass for a longer period of time or until cancellation. Fish will be delivered to you on a regular basis without having to submit a new order each time. You can ask for fish to be delivered:

- twice a week,
- once a week,
- once a fortnight,
- once a month.

The only time you need to contact us is if you want to change your permanent order, cancel your permanent order or put it on hold for a while (e.g. while you're away on vacation).

2. Register for reminder phone calls. This means that we phone you up on a regular basis and remind you that you can order our sea bass to be delivered the following day. The frequency and schedule of calls is up to you and reminder calls can be cancelled at any time.

To show our permanent order customers how important they are to us, we have prepared a special 10 % discount for them at every order.

We will be happy to receive your permanent order.

To register or ask for more information, please call us on 00386 51 605 605.