Web store help

1. Choose the items you wish to buy from the web store.

2. Enter the number of pieces or kg that you wish to buy.

3. Click the red arrow to transfer the desired number of items to your cart, which will drop down from the top right corner of the page.

4. Repeat until you have added everything you wish to buy.

5. Click To Checkout to proceed to checkout. You now have the opportunity to review your items and change the number of pieces or kg.
When buying an item without a fixed weight, such as any category of the Piran sea bass, the highest potential price will always be displayed at checkout.
Example: when ordering 3 pieces of fresh uncleaned Piran sea bass in the 400 to 600 g category, the price displayed will be for 3 pieces of 600 g sea bass, i.e. EUR 28.80 (EUR 16.00 per kg x 1.8 kg = EUR 28.80).
When filling your order, we will prepare 3 pieces of sea bass weighing between 400 and 600 g.
Upon delivery, you will pay no less than EUR 19.20* for 3 pieces of 400 g sea bass (EUR 16.00 per kg x 1.2 kg = EUR 19.20) and no more than EUR 28.80* for 3 pieces of 600 g sea bass (EUR 16.00 per kg x 1.8 kg = EUR 28.80).
The price does not include potential delivery fees.   

6. Click To Next Step to proceed to the page where you will be required to enter your personal data and information for delivery.

7. Click To Next Step, where you will have the chance to review your order and information for delivery. You can also submit a comment along with your order.

8. Click the Submit Order button to confirm and submit your order.

9. If you want to change your order after it has already been submitted, please call us on 00386 51 605 605 and let us know.