ACQUERELLO RICE - ORGANICALLY PRODUCED - Organically produced Acquerello rice, 0.5 kg

"Acquerello makes any rice dish delicious!"

Acquerello rice is unique for three reasons:

1. Ageing: to age properly, the freshly harvested crop is stored in unique steel silos at a constant, controlled temperature. During this period, the culinary characteristics of the starch are optimised in combination with oxygen.

2. Husking and whitening: the Rondolino family is the last in Italy to continue using the Helix, a 1875 invention that shells grains by rubbing them gently against each other for long periods of time. Thanks to this exclusive husking method, the rice grains are of uniform size, uncracked and undamaged, which is essential in ensuring that they will cook evenly.

3. Re-enrichment: refined rice are re-enriched with rice germ, restoring the most valuable nutrients contained in brown rice. In the exclusive, patented process used by the Rondolino family, the very soft and tender germ is extracted and slowly mixed with white rice. A part of the germ melts and absorbs into the rice grains, while the remainder adheres to their exterior. This makes Acquerello rice ideal when it comes to nutrition, since it contains more proteins, minerals, vitamins and other microelements that are usually only found in brown rice.

0.5 kg,
aged and dried for 1 year,
packaged in a vacuum tin
€6.00 /kos