SIRK GRAPE AND WINE VINEGAR - Sirk traditional Osiet wine vinegar, 250 ml


Osiet is made from wine produced from the finest red grape indigenous to the Goriška Brda wine-growing region.

The Sirk family starts by producing wine in a completely natural process. The long process of vinification takes place in a liquid that includes grape skins and noble pomace.

After five years of experimentation and production, the Sirk family has accumulated a set of small bottles, which they maintain using the Orleans method. The bottles contain mother vinegar, used to start acetic fermentation.

In the first warm days of spring, the homemade wine is transported to the vinegar factory where it is decanted into bottles (leaving some room at the top) and starts to ferment. The fermentation process ends by the following winter at the latest; that's when Osiet vinegar is ready.

Organoleptic properties

The product is noble, self-indulgent, almost overbearing.

The strong acidity is complemented by freshness and a pleasing taste.

To be used in moderate quantities.

Advice for use

Suitable for everyday use, particularly to neutralise the grease in stews or very fatty meat. It can also be used to add character to salads.

€9.00 /kos