SIRK GRAPE AND WINE VINEGAR - Sirk grape vinegar with spray, 100 ml

Sirk grape vinegar

This is how Sirk grape vinegar from Subida is made. The treasures of Brda soil are preserved in the vinegar: it's not just organic, it's completely natural. This is a vinegar with a larger-than-life personality and unique character. Its quality easily compares to the quality of fine wine.


To make grape vinegar, the Sirk family uses an indigenous white grape from Goriška Brda. In the family's small vinegar factory, grapes are pressed directly into small wine tubs where alcoholic fermentation takes place. When the natural process of fermentation is about to finish, mother vinegar is added to foster the start of acetic fermentation. During this process, which takes until late autumn, sugar changes into wine and wine changes into vinegar – all in the same tub that still contains grape skins and pomace. In the next stage, the vinegar is pressed, strained and decanted into bottles, where it's left to age for 3 to 5 years. Every stage of the process is done completely by hand; even when it comes to pouring large quantities of vinegar into new containers, the family simply takes advantage of the graduated structure of their cellar, enabling them to transport vinegar from higher to lower ground.


After the natural decanting process is over, the vinegar is bottled during waning crescent moon. In order to preserve the quality of the vinegar, it is not filtered or diluted and no sulphites, preservatives or stabilisers are added. Once it is bottled, it can mature for years... Time is its ally!


Thanks to the quality of grapes, long-lasting contact with grape skins and pomace content, Sirk vinegars are distinguished by premium structure, stability, complexity and high mineral content. The high level of acidity, aroma and smell are managed with the right choice of preparation methods.

Advice for use

In order to make the most of the scent and to apply the vinegar as evenly as possible, the use of a spray is recommended.

The vinegar is ideal for salads, sauces, eggs, asparagus, all types of sprouts, heavy soups and stews (barley, beans, goulash), tripe, oily fish (turbot, mackerel, eel, carp), fish stews, fruit sorbets, fruit salad with berries, strawberries, raspberries, certain kinds of cheese, amaretti biscuits (simply spray it on) and very sweet desserts (cotton candy, meringues).

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