Booking: please book your visit to the Fonda Fish Farm in advance by phone: 0038651 605 605 or e-mail:

Price for the visit to the fish farm: EUR 25 per person. Duration of visit: 1 to 1,5 hours.
Price for the visit to the fish farm with degustation: EUR 36-50 per person. Duration of visit: 1,5 to 2 hours. 
Visits are free of charge for children under 15 years of age accompanied by parents.
The price of the degustation includes 2 glasses of wine per person; any extra wine will be charged at EUR 15 per bottle.
VAT is included in all prices.

Description of the visit: Visitors gather in Seča at the Fish Farm Base (Seča 142, 6320 Portorož, near the Ribič Restaurant) where they are briefly introduced to the fish farming works that take place on land. Then they board our fish farming workboat Atlas, custom-made for Fonda by the renowned Slovenian company Seaway. Atlas enables our visitors to come so close to the mussel farming lines and fish farming pools that they can almost step on one.

During the 10 to 15 minute trip to the fish farm, the visitors learn about the local characteristics of the Piran Bay, Piran Salina, the Regional Park and fishing preserve.
This is followed by a visit to the fish farm, demonstration of manual fish feeding, explanation of the particular fish farming methods used, presentation and history of the Fonda Piran Sea Bass brand. Fish farming and fish products are presented from the production, biological, tourist, marketing and sales point of view.
The visit continues with navigation through the mussel farming lines, explanation of mussel farming methods and the challenges facing fish and mussel farmers today.

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On prior reservation on the boat or at the base, there will be a degustation of raw Fonda Piran sea bass (carpaccio with Piran Salina flower of salt and homemade olive oil) and smoked sea bass along with a glass of locally produced wine and water.